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Re: LF: problems with mails to the list?

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Subject: Re: LF: problems with mails to the list?
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2017 17:09:26 +0100
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Hi Jacek, LF,

For the first time i have problems to write emails to this list. BTW i wonder why this happens on a late friday afternoon! For the moment i'm using another account now. I'm in contact with my email provider...
Thanks for your help.

Am 21.03.2017 12:25, schrieb Chris:
Regarding the list being quieter, I would suggest that's because it has become dominated by mails relating to much lower frequencies of little practical use to most of us.
Vy 73,
Chris, G4AYT.
Dominated? There is no domination. Also no regimentation that either LF
or MF or VLF or ULF is allowed to discuss. Everyone is free to discuss
about the LF stuff in parallel. Or everyone is free to filter out
certain emails (e.g. If subject contains "ELF:" then delete from server...)
There has never been a definition or consensus what "LF" includes here.
It seems the spectrum reaches from DC to < 500 kHz. Sometimes i hear
about NAVTEX, so probably it is even < 520 kHz. 160m seems to be
interpreted as OT. That's my point of view at least.
I see there is a respectable activity on LF WSPR for example. No idea
why there are no discussions about that, and no announcements and so on.
At least the VLF activity does not lower the chance of LF messages
coming through...
73, Stefan

Am 20.03.2017 23:12, schrieb Jacek Lipkowski:
does anyone have problems sending mail to this list? if so could you please send me the bounced message that you got (off list of course)?
one of the members of this list wrote me that he has problems having
his emails accepted since a few days because of problems negotiating
tls (so far we don't know if it's a problem with this list's email
servers, or his provider's email servers. both seem to do tls 1.2
without problem). maybe this is the reason why this list has less
posts lately (summer propagation on lf/mf might be another reason).
btw i have never had any problems with emails bouncing or being
delayed, but some people reported it in the past.
VY 73

Jacek / SQ5BPF

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