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Re: ULF: New carrier near 2970 Hz...

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Subject: Re: ULF: New carrier near 2970 Hz...
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:46:25 +0100
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Hi Paul,

I'm curious, is there any sign of a peak since the beginning of my transmission? The average antenna current is higher than last time.
On the spectrogram of Renato i see that the QRN on 2970 Hz is not higher than in winter so far.

There is no peak of my signal in Italy because the max allowed deviation of the sample rate detector was set to 10 ppm, and the actual value was partly higher than that. The error counter was on a high level. The settings were configured in winter, now it is warmer in the shack, i guess, and so the offset is higher. Probably this is the reaon why nothing is visible of my signal. The value is now set to 20 ppm. This change obviously caused a restart of the data aquisition, 'aquisition 0 %', the slow grabber runners know that message ;-). Between the spectrogram of today 9 UTC and the one from yesterday 9 UTC there is no difference, no scrolling, so i assume the restart happened. Means, i have to wait 54.8 hours to see a next pixel :-( 22 hours are already gone. So i first new pixel, hopefully showing a peak, should appear Thursday 22 UTC.
If the SNR looks good, i would decide to run the transmission even longer than a week, maybe up to 2 weeks, depending on the rain.

It would be interesting to know how the signal performs on the RX of DL4YHF. If this is not too much effort, i would be happy to know.

On your side, even if a peak is still not significant, it would be interesting to see the spectrum.

73, Stefan

Am 10.03.2017 18:28, schrieb DK7FC:

Since 16:56 UTC  i'm running 180 mA antenna current on (2970 + 7/(24*3600)) Hz, i.e. on 2970.000081 Hz
With integer multiples of 1/(24*3600 sec), phase glitches at 0 UTC should be avoided (hopefully it works) and the small frequency offset is almost an integer multiple of the 5.06482 uHz FFT bin width spectrogram  ( ). That one is running lovely since christmas time by Renato IK1QFK in 5 wavelength distance.

A first suspicious pixel may appear in 2 days, with some luck! :-)

The WX forecast is good for the weekend. I intend to run the transmission even in rain. The safety limit is set to - 30 mA.
This transmission consumes 3.1A * 25V DC input to the PA, not much.

It is planned to run it for one week, if all works well...

So there's a short break of my transmissions on 8270 Hz for that time.

73, Stefan

PS: Maybe someone can detect the carrier somewhere? Eddie, now that's your challenge, and Jecek!!!
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