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Re: VLF: New EbNaut announcement II

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Subject: Re: VLF: New EbNaut announcement II
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 19:11:00 +0100
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Again, despite the stormy wx:

f = 8270.100000 Hz
Start time: 23.Feb.2017   17:59:58 UTC
Symbol period: 27 s
Characters: 10
CRC bits: 15
Coding 16K21A
Duration: 11h, 24m, 0s
Antenna current: 700 mA

Already running. Due to the 27s symbol length it was not possible to start at 18:00:00 exactly. I checked the actual start on another PC. A carrier was started 5 minutes before. The first phase switch appeared 2 seconds before the intended time, see attachment...

10 characters at 16K21A is the limit for my PC (Win7 32-bit 4 GB RAM). I hope that yours is more modern. At least i know it from Paul, Jacek and Alex :-)

For safety reasons i set the safety limit to 20 mA, i.e. the transmission will be stopped if the antenna current falls below 680 mA for 3 seconds.

73, Stefan

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