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RE: LF: Raspberry Pi sound interface that works

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Subject: RE: LF: Raspberry Pi sound interface that works
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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 18:45:39 -0500
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Thanks for posting your findings on this topic. 

Plenty of the Audio Injector boards on local Amazon so I bought four in hopes 
that your tests would prove favorable. Thanks for the favorable results!

I haven’t worked with a Raspberry Pi before but have a new CanaKit RPi 3 and 
though I would use it with the Audio Injector module. Then I saw your message 
indicating disinclination toward RPi 3 power dissipation (from unused built-in 
Bluetooth and WiFi). I had guessed that the RPi would be used to enable a 
wireless connection between antenna and laptop/PC, which raises a question (if 
you have a moment): for a backyard-antenna-to-indoor-laptop application or for 
a portable field-test application, what type of interface would be used between 
an outdoor RPi 2 and an indoor laptop or portable-field-test laptop?  (or am I 
on the wrong track; should I be thinking of Audio Injector plus  RPi 2as an 
unattended datalogger rather than a real-time interface between VLF loop and 




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Subject: Re: LF: Raspberry Pi sound interface that works

Another update to EbSynth, now at version 0.7a

Now compensates properly for changing delay of the output buffer as the sample 
rate wanders.  A temperature change that previously produced a 30 degree output 
change now only affects the phase by about 0.3 degrees. The residual is a 2nd 
order effect proportional to the rate of change of sample rate.

I've noticed a couple of sound card input overruns on the RPi when the CPUs are 
very busy.  0.7a assigns itself a real-time scheduling policy at high priority. 
 It remains to be seen if that fixes the overruns.

Paul Nicholson

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