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RE: VLF: Carrier on 8270 Hz

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Subject: RE: VLF: Carrier on 8270 Hz
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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 01:38:54 -0500
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Hello Paul and Stefan,

If 0.7fT at Paul's location means roughly 50uW (conservatively?), does it seem 
reasonable that if I could confirm (for example) a 39.6N, 77.5W location that 
enables 1fT/rt-Hz noise after SpecLab noise cancellation, that a setup of that 
description could detect (3dB SNR) Stefan's 8270 Hz carrier in ~ 10 hours? 

If you think that a long-integration-time capture near that location might be 
worthwhile in the future I will make some calibrated noise measurements this 
week or next. Low noise collection for intervals up to 48 hours is fairly 
convenient in that area. Data from last year at that location suggests 
~5fT/rt-Hz using SpecLab Noiseblanker with un-optimized settings and a 
bandpass-mismatched antenna. If the 5fT/rt-Hz noise estimate is valid, noise 
could be 1-2fT/rt-Hz with the correct antenna, perhaps better in winter with 
optimized Noiseblanker settings.

Would the above be useful on an as-needed basis? Or does the Forest VA grabber 


Jim AA5BW  


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 > Since 19 UTC i'm running about 600 mA antenna current on 8270 Hz.

Wow, what a signal!  Over 0.7 fT, I haven't seen a signal this strong on VLF 
since your kite experiments several years ago.

Paul Nicholson

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