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Re: LF: Email for DJ6CB

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Subject: Re: LF: Email for DJ6CB
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Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2016 16:20:54 +0000
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Hi Eric,

Thank you for this information. I had to go QRT as I was finishing with Dix because of a rainstorm that suddelnly hit us like out of nowhere. There was no thunder at all but the rain was so intense that my antenna insulators were flooding and SWR went skyhigh in a matter of seconds. The TX tripped during my final 73's for Dix. I was worried about thunder following so I disconnected everything and went back to the house and did not follow what happened later.
But I have heard what I beleive was you on one occasion not long ago
with Dix. I heard Dix call CQ in the house RX and ran to the schack
while connecting the TX antenna on my way there. Dix did not hear my
replies at that time but he was suddenly in QSO with someone else and
that was probably you as you spotted eachother just after. I got bits
an pieces of the other party (you?) but the static was fierce then as
compared to yesterday.
Last night was unusually quiet here for the season with very clear
strong signals from BIA-474 and SA-474,5 fighting eachother for
supremacy on the band ;-)
Hope to catch you later as condx improves Eric.


Paul-Henrik, OH1LSQ

Quoting Eric Van Offelen <[email protected]>:

Hi Paul-Henrik,

I heard you briefly last night during your 472 kHz QSO with DJ6CB.

Had a nice CW QSO with him just after you.

Hope to CU soon, when conditions improve !

VY 73 de Eric

2016-08-09 1:30 GMT+02:00 <[email protected]>:

Hello LF

I had a very pleasant CW QSO tonight on 472.2 kHz with Dix / DJ6CB near

I'd like to share some more info with him than was possible given the
static and signal levels we were facing.

Are you reading this Dix, or can someone on the list help me to get in
touch with Dix per email?


Paul-Henrik, OH1LSQ

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