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Re: AW: VLF: 8270.000 Hz

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Subject: Re: AW: VLF: 8270.000 Hz
From: Laurence KL7 L <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2016 13:55:59 -0900
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Hi Ewe are you still on?   Made some small improvements in the right direction on the noise wise - unfortunately our friends the underground dog fence transmitters appear to be homed into 8270 - im seeing a conspiracy :-)

A few nice weak whistlers seen around dawn though


On Feb 13, 2016, at 12:42 PM, [email protected] wrote:

yes, it was me: the first transmission after repairing the high seat containing the huge coils.
there was a EbNaut message in between:

start 2016-02-13 16:54:00
duration 03:17:20.00
coding 8K19
period 10
16 bits redundancy check
chars 19
(1184 signal bits).

vy 73



Von: Markus Vester <[email protected]>
Gesendet: 13.02.2016 19:33
An: <[email protected]>
Betreff: VLF: 8270.000 Hz
Since ~ 15:30 today a 8270 Hz carrier is visible on several VLF grabbers.
Best 73,
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