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Re: LF: Spectrum Lab & VLF

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Subject: Re: LF: Spectrum Lab & VLF
From: wolf_dl4yhf <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 18:10:15 +0200
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Hi Luis,

The presence and position of the 'waterfall colour to dB' legend is configured in SL's Screen Capture settings:

Set the checkbox 'color legend'. You can also select *where* (in which corner of the screenshot) that 'legend' shall appear.
Uploading captured images via FTP requires a command-line driven
external FTP client.
There is one integrated in windows, but it's so terrible to use (and
control) that I would try something different. You need to create an
old-fashioned batch file to do this (if no modern FTP client is available):

The FTP upload command can be invoked from the 'screen capture extension macros'. These commands are invoked shortly *after* every timer-driven screen capture.
For more details, I suggest to ask the question in the Spectrum Lab
Users group, there may be users more familiar with command-line driven
FTP utilities under Windows 7 / 8 (which I hardly use myself).
Hope this helps,
  73,   Wolf  DL4YHF .

Am 26.05.2015 12:11, schrieb VIGILANT Luis Fernández:
Hi All

Just about SpectrumLab. I have a question

Would like to know how to add those featured "palette versus dB" little charts 
found usually in
grabbers. At the moment I'm just using this configuration for Screen Capture
How to upload the screen captures to ftp server would be a nice help too. I have my grabber
running but stopped at this point. So no uploads to a web page, just Dropbox 
files updated

Hope this is useful and on topic for most of the hams here

73 de Luis

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Hi Edgar, Stefan and Wolf,

Your help is muchly appreciated.  Edgar seems to have no problem switching 
between qrss60/120.  I tried Stefan's settings but still no sigs on the screen.

The monitor scope is showing a nice little green line with some random noise 
for QRSS60 and 120.

It seems the signal is getting in but being lost by the computer/sound card for 
QRSS120.  Perhaps try another computer?

73 & TNX

On Mon, 25 May 2015, wolf_dl4yhf wrote:

Hello Joe,

I will check the QRSS120 configuration soon, maybe I had copied the
settings from a computer where the input level (soundcard) was rather
high, and the signal in your case is much weaker.
When turning on the "input monitor" (scope-like gadget), does it show
a flat green line, or a noisy-looking waveform ?

Flat line -> not good (wasting dynamic range of the soundcard's A/D
Green waveform -> ok
Red waveform -> not good (not much headroom before clipping)


  Wolf DL4YHF .

Am 24.05.2015 15:01, schrieb [email protected]:
Dear Group,

A QRSS60 detection at 5.2 km is the best DX for yours truly to date.
Although there was a detection at 7 km, this was probably via
conduction from a nearby mains line. The RX is a DK7FC VLF probe and
Spec Lab on a laptop.

The next logical step is to try QRSS120 to get past the 5.78 km boundary.
To my abject dismay, when doing: Quick Settings/ Slow Morse
Reception(QRSS)/ Slow CW, 120 s/dot/ Enter AUDIO centre frequency
(8277 entered) / OK/no; the spectrum screen scrolls across completely
blank and the real time spectrum on the right shows a flat line.

Going back to QRSS60, all is just fine.

Am I or the computer malfunctioning again?

Many thanks

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