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Re: LF: MF 630m: Real Decode!

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Subject: Re: LF: MF 630m: Real Decode!
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Date: Sat, 23 May 2015 09:59:36 -0400
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Congrats Stefan & Dave.

Best equipment ... debatable. Best location ... absolutely. He's right on the 


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Subject: Re: LF: MF 630m: Real Decode!


At least that one was a real decode last night, see attachment.

MF WSPR TA detections are only possible in deep winter (long deep darkness) or in deep summer (along the grey line) :-) At least this is my observation. WD2XSH/17 is the best hearing MF station there, having the best location and likely the best equipment too (?).
While the chances for a detection in winter are best during the sunset
on the RX side, the best time during the summer period seems to be just
when the grey line is symmetric between TX and RX.
73, Stefan

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