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Re: LF: Re: HP 3586C selective level meter for LF and MF

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: HP 3586C selective level meter for LF and MF
From: Terry Maurice <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 01 May 2015 13:56:41 -0400
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Hi Alan

Yes, rugged indeed.  :))  They are very well built, almost too well, with more bolts than I have seen in a hardware store, when it comes to taking them apart for repairs.  Where four bolts would do, W&G put eight.  I too, find them useful for test equipment.  I have the SG-4 storage display unit and my SPM-19 has the built in tracking generator, so it works as a poor man's spectrum analyzer, especially useful in the low to mid frequency range.  I have found it very helpful to look at filters and such.  But you are very right when you say not to expect them to operate like a conventional radio and they take some time getting used to, as they were built for a very different reason than radio reception.  Nice to have, but not essential kit.


On 01/05/2015 13:28, Alan Melia wrote:
Hi Terry I have the 12 and a 3 both with PS and SPM. They do work if you are aware of likely problems but yes they need some external help usually. I feel it is important that potential buyers realise that they are not receivers like they are probably used to. They are brilliant and useful pieces of test gear and the W&G kit is very ruggedly need to be a bit rugged yourself to hump some of it around :-))
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Subject: Re: LF: Re: HP 3586C selective level meter for LF and MF

Hi Alan

I would be interested to know which W&G selective level meters you have.  I have the SPM-16 and the SPM-19 and use them with a preamp and AM broadcast band notch filter.  They seem to work reasonably well and signals compare well to my Flex 5000 with a Palomar Engineering VLF upconverter.  However, I live in Canada and we have very little in the way of MW stations other than NDBs operating on the bands.  I do from time to time pick up MW stations from France, Germany and Iceland.




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