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Re: LF: ARGO problem

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Subject: Re: LF: ARGO problem
From: Tobias DG3LV <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 15:40:48 +0100
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Hi Roelof !
Hi Alan !

There is a new version available.
Have you tried that?
Yes, tnx !, just downloaded rev 143 and installed it. Runs well on the screen. My problem still stays : Each time a capture happens, another *.GIF file is written to disk, that's ok.(same with *.bmp and *.jpg)
BUT (!) the stored file appears to be just an all-black picture, whereas
the ARGO program's window had shown the typical waterfall of the NDB
"SA" that I tested it with. Strange behavior. By the time I think this
problem is related to my Win7/64-installation and not directly to ARGO.
Probably one of the many program installations had an unwanted
side-effect to the graphics of Windows. I will have to dig into this.
tnx & 73 de dg3lv Tobias

Am 09.03.2015 um 12:02 schrieb [email protected]:
Hello Tobias,

I did not get an answer, but the problem appeared to be more
mundane. When I start ARGO as adminstrator, it works flawlessly.
Apperently I did not install it as Administrator, so it had not the
proper rights to access my harddrive.

There is a new version available.
Have you tried that?

Roelof, pa0rdt

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