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Re: LF: WSPR MF please

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Subject: Re: LF: WSPR MF please
From: Claudio Pozzi <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2015 20:58:34 +0100
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On Monday, February 09, 2015 00:13:23 you wrote:


HI Stefan!


> There's just one thing: The T antenna in the garden is resonated and

> matched to 50 Ohm. However i forgot to connect a 50 Ohm terminating

> resistor to the RX input. Probably the matched antenna does not act as a

> perfect bandpass for all frequecies and maybe there's a standing wave on

> the 20m long coax cable, resulting in a high input voltage in the HF or

> lower VHF range?


You should say "20m short coax cable" ;-) = 0.032 wavelength!


In my opinion if the cable is shorter than 0.1 wavelength and low loss

VSWR doesn't matter.


73 de Claudio IK2PII




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