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Re: Re: VLF: 8270 Hz BPSK

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Subject: Re: Re: VLF: 8270 Hz BPSK
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 15:42:24 +0100
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The machine is ready for the next attempt, same constellation.

Waiting for better TX


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Gesendet: 30.12.2014 14:54
An: [email protected]
Betreff: Re: VLF: 8270 Hz BPSK

Am 30.12.2014 14:34, schrieb Paul Nicholson:
> Uwe DJ8WX wrote:
> > the begin of the message is exactly 11:00:00 UT.
> Sorry, I could not decode any message. There is some unknown
> timing delay from the PLL so I searched from 10:59:59.5 to
> 11:00:05 but could not decode anything. I tried combining E
> and H receivers but that didn't help.
> The carrier sent before the message had S/N about 3dB weaker
> than your signal in November. That would have been enough to
> make a decode with 10 second symbols unlikely.
> Unfortunately Wolf's on-line receiver was down for maintenance
> so I couldn't borrow a signal from there to try.
It's on again, with a replaced frontend, but the signal levels need to
be adjusted later today (after darkness).

Cheers and hny everyone,
Wolf .

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