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LF: Re: CW 477.7 kHz

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Subject: LF: Re: CW 477.7 kHz
From: "mal hamilton" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 17:34:40 -0000
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All HF BANDS today very acvtive with lots of DX including 10 metres with openings from here to S/AMERICA N/AMERICA. HF BANDS in great shape today. Listening/working mostly CW. Not poor from here
de G3KEV

-----Original Message----- From: Roelof Bakker
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2014 4:16 PM
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Subject: Re: LF: CW 477.7 kHz

Hello Alan,

Propagation above 200 kHz has been rather poor the last month.
As soon as the band starts to recover, another blast from the sun fills
the glass to the rim once more, so to speak.
In my experience a quiet period of at least ten days is needed for good
When you look at the graph of the Kyoto Dst, you will find that this has
not been the case for quite a while.

It is interesting to note that the last prolonged quiet period happened to
be in last July / start of August. On July 16, I logged 35 Canadian NDB's
as far inland as Toronto.
This was probably helped by grey line propagation, but none the less it
was quite exceptional.
At the moment it is really a struggle to hear more then five!

After the end of August, propagation has gone from bad to worse.
I often found that the start of January gives good propagation.
However, on the bright site, nobody knows what is going to happen next and
prove my assumptions completely wrong!

Roelof, PAoRDT

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