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LF: 630m Crossband Activit Night

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Subject: LF: 630m Crossband Activit Night
From: "Steve" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 10:36:49 -0700
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This coming weekend, a special '630m Activity Night' will see many experimental stations on the air, including some of the old Maritime CW stations. As well, on Friday night only, three Canadian stations...VE7SL, VE7BDQ and VO1NA will be operating in the 'crossband mode', transmitting on 630m CW and listening for CW replies on designated HF frequencies. Hopefully many of you will take a look for us during our scheduled operating times and if hearing us, would give a call on HF....we would love to work as many as possible during the Friday night event. All three stations will be running the maximum erp and with the improved propagation conditions of fall, hope to be workable throughout many call areas in Canada and the USA.
For the finer details of times and frequencies of the crossbander operation,
as well as a link to the ARRL's news description, please see:

You will need to be able to switch between listening on 630m and then transmitting on HF, perhaps using two different antennas to make it easier...or maybe just A/B switching your antenna selection manually.
We hope to hear many of you calling on Friday evening!

73 Steve / VE7SL
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VE7SL BLOG - "Homebrewing and Operating Adventures From 2200m to Nanowaves":

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