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LF: Re: Pure off-topic: old tubes

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Subject: LF: Re: Pure off-topic: old tubes
From: Petr Maly <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 14:49:18 +0200
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Thanks all for your responses.
The valves looked NOS therefore I searched for specs to be able to make a small PA with them.
Now it looks I will put them back on the shelf for another twenty years instead, in order to have a real rarity in hands one day, hi.
Have a great day, Petr, OK1FIG
From: M0FMT
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2014 12:36 PM
Subject: Fw: LF: Pure off-topic: old tubes
Blyme I'm having fun with this try again  Please see attachement below.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi all this may help with codes but don't trust it this is out the STC designers guide 1947. When I was five..... :o(

73 es GL Pete M0FMT IO91UX

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From: M0FMT <[email protected]>
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Sent: Tuesday, 8 July 2014, 5:59
Subject: Fw: LF: Pure off-topic: old tubes
Hi all
I like Johan went to my favourite online resources but nothing. I looked in where an old STC catalogue lists every number either side of the "4B" range .... very frustrating!
If anyone has out of copyright radio or audio books, manuals and catalogues there can be no better place to send them too than Pete Millett, details on the website.(an incredible labour of love).

73 es GL Pete M0FMT IO91UX
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From: Johan Bodin <[email protected]>
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Sent: Monday, 7 July 2014, 19:28
Subject: Re: LF: Pure off-topic: old tubes

Hello Peter,

I expected to find the tube at Frank
Philipse has been collecting tube data sheets for 15 years but it wasn't
... It must be a very exotic tube!

Johan SM6LKM

Petr Maly skrev 2014-07-07 09:20:
> Hello all

> I apology for the off-topic. However I know that this group is attended
> by very experienced gents, mainly from the UK.
> I found these two tubes in the junk, see the attachment. I spent quite a
> while to search the whole Internet for some specs, in vain.
> They are very similar to QB3/300, or TESLA’s RE125, same size, same
> socket. The only visible difference is the shape and material of the anode.
> I think the number 55 in the designation could possibly be the anode
> dissipation.
> The labels are:
> STC 4B/55
> ITT 4B/55/B
> By some lucky chance does anybody have any information about them?

> Thanks, 73, Petr, OK1FIG

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