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Re: LF: What freq. list can you recommend

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Subject: Re: LF: What freq. list can you recommend
From: "Jurgen Bartels" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 00:16:39 +0100
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>    NAA is alive and well! I just checked and it is pounding in here.

Yes Warren it is on again now in full glory
I have to see when it went back.

Jurgen Bartels  Suellwarden, N. Germany
hor. Antennas: 11-ele 45-87MHz 13-ele Band-III, 48-ele UHF, FM: 15.11 
TV: Winradio G305 / Fly2000 + video noise filter & variable IF BW
FM: Downconverter + Perseus + Speclab as WFM demod.
MW: staggered 300m Beverage 320°,  30 x 4m EWE 320°, Winradio & Perseus  - Vacation home: DX right at the Northsea coast

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