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Re: LF: Simple, low cost, 8.970kHz stable source?

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Subject: Re: LF: Simple, low cost, 8.970kHz stable source?
From: Stewart Bryant <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 21:49:38 +0100
Cc: Roger Lapthorn <[email protected]>
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On 26/10/2010 18:04, Roger Lapthorn wrote:
What do people think is the simplest, lowest cost, way of generating a
stable 8.970kHz frequency that does not require a PC when running? I
thought of an HF crystal divided down by 256 (from 2.296320MHz), but
have you tried to buy a "made to order" crystal lately?

Roger G3XBM
G3XBM   GQRP 1678    ISWL G11088

Does your NOV require you to run on 8.970 exact. I seem to remember that it allowed you to go above 9.000, in which case a multiple of
9MHz might be easier to find and simple to divide.



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