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LF: DK7FC's 2nd VLF TX test...

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Subject: LF: DK7FC's 2nd VLF TX test...
From: Stefan Schäfer <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 22:11:00 +0100
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Thread-topic: DK7FC's 2nd VLF TX test...
...will be most probably tomorrow, the 15. March.

Due to best wind forecasts, no rain and moderate temperatures i plan to do my 
2nd VLF TX test in the afternoon on 8,9700 kHz. It is the first time that the 
new coil is tested. The variometer part and shielding paint hasn't been 
attached yet but it will not take much time.

Perhaps there will be some resonating problems but i do not expect them. I try 
to measure the antenna current and/or the voltage.

The TX starting time is not exactly sure but perhaps arround 14 UTC. Hopefully 
one can see something on the DF6NM's VLF grabber.

Bernd/DF8ZR will be QRV in abt 16km Distance. 

Marco/DD7PC, will you be QRV in the evening? Our QRB is 53km, that would be a 
moderate distance ;-)

Bernd told me that many stns have become QRV in the last weeks in the local 
region. They will be informed by him and maybe they produce some nice 

Maybe i do not reach the full planned 20kV rms but it will be more than the 
1,6kV from the last test ;-)

So, hpe to report something new from the VLF front next :-)

vy 73, Stefan/DK7FC


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