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LF: Marconi 4.96MHz OCXO

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Subject: LF: Marconi 4.96MHz OCXO
From: "James Cowburn" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 17:20:31 -0000
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Dear LF,

Going thru a newly acquired junk/spares box I have found a new/wrapped in plastic Marconi Crystal Oscillator  Identity FQ 3121-11.  Serial no. 118941.

It is stamped as having a freq of 4960KHz and temp range of -10c to 55c running off 20v AC.

It didn’t come with any wiring diagram, and out of the 8 pin contacts on the base are 8 leads, red white, 2 x yellow, green, blue and 2 more yellow.

The unit sits in a sealed can about the size of a small coke can and has a control on top which rotates freely thru 360 degree and more.

Jim Moritz has informed me it is an OCXO but does anyone have a circuit for it or a plan of the leads out.   I have googled but to no avail.

I am guessing that there must be some alumni of Marconi out there and they may know of this widget



With best regards






Dr. James Cowburn

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