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Re: LF: AW: TX-2200A

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Subject: Re: LF: AW: TX-2200A
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Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 11:39:10 -0000
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Look forward to seeing the Signals Rik - The 13th will be my last weekend of
Ops in China, and will be returning to Oklahoma in January ,,,,,,,
Laurence KL 1 X in BY3A

From: "Rick Wakatori" <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 11:33 AM
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Subject: Re: LF: AW: TX-2200A

I agree Rik's observation on the 100W limitation.

Average CW operator is a KEY-technician without any science.
A good earth is essencial for LF operation, otherwise would get LF shock
at frame of transmitter.
Linear amplifier is based on self responsibility.

There is another reason in a market place for such tranceiver in JP.
100W/50W machine has much wider, say 100 times, of market place than 1KW

In any way, there is still a high wall in front of a operator who
bought the machine, such tuner, good earth, good antenna and etc.

In any way, I will operate QRSS60 using TX2200A/50W at 137780Hz+-1Hz in
a peak of peninsular from 01:00UTC to 02:30UTC on coming Sunday,December
13,20 or 27 depending on crimate.
-.. .  --...  .-.. .---- .-. .-.. .-.. .-.-.
7L1RLL under ubuntu/Linux in Kawasaki,Japan(JP)
-..--- -.- .-.. ..-.. --. --. ...- .-... ...-.
On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 11:07 +0100, Rik Strobbe wrote:

there is one good reason to limit the output
power 100W: more power could become lethal (high antenna voltages / currents).
The "black box operators" must be protected
against this danger, otherwise they might go QRT due to "natural selection" :-)
73, Rik  ON7YD - OR7T

At 10:19 10/12/2009, you wrote:
>Warren, LF,
>Tnx for the info!
>I am not "afraid" that now many OMs come on the
>band who just bought their rig, like on HF. Even
>if you could buy a loading coil, you never will
>get qrv satisfactorily cause you always have to
>consider many things like the earth, the local
>noise reduction, the impedance transformation to 50 Ohm and so on.
>These OMs, even if they could buy a automatic
>tuner (that would not be easy to create as a
>commercial product) for LF, would be frustrated
>soon cause there are no contests and no 100s of
>stns calling on the band ;-) They would say "LF
>is dead, just nerving qrm" and would never get
>the fascination that we all experience.
>Finally I don't understand why this PA has just
>100W. To reach 1W ERP, most LFers have to apply
>1kW and more, so 100W is QRP on LF ;-). 1kW can
>easily be reached on LF without using expensive
>special transistors and drivers and ferrite
>cores. E.g. with one simple IRFP360 we can built
>a 1kW high efficiency calss d or e PA that costs not even 50€...
>These difficulties to get qrv is one part of the
>LF hobby and if they are solved, one can be glad
>even without doing 100s of qsos in one evening :-)
>Stefan / DK7FC
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>Betreff: LF: TX-2200A
>Interesting new rig offered by Waters and Stanton - the TX-2200A 100
>Watt class D transmitter for 136kHz - VFO controlled with receiver
>Made in Japan, relatively pricey though at 690 GBP!
>73 Warren K2ORS
>                 WD2XGJ
>                 WD2XSH/23
>                 WE2XEB/2
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