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Re: LF: satellites

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Subject: Re: LF: satellites
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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 16:38:17 EDT
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In a message dated 16/07/2008 21:07:05 GMT Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
I've not got an axe to grind re RadCom, but is the lack of major construction projects in RadCom more to do with there being less people doing the larger scale design/construction projects as well as being motivated to write it up for RadCom? 
The use of internet groups to encourage cooperative design, both hardware and software, has led to a real time project structure that doesn't necessarily lend itself to the monthly magazine publishing schedule.
This of course does not only affect RadCom but, unfortunately, RadCom as a serious technical publication started to lose credibility when a recent past editor attempted to turn it into something more akin to Women's Weekly, with his requesting accounts of radio amateur romances on one occasion, whilst dwelling more on his own interviews with radio "personalities" than matters radio, which it would seem he didn't really understand.
Whilst I don't suppose many tears were shed at his departure it doesn't seem to me the RSGB has done the reputation of RadCom any more favours by employing Elaine Richards in a similar position.
Especially when one considers that not very long ago she was suggesting through the pages of her radio comic that reports on any form of radio activity, legal or otherwise, would be welcomed.
If RadCom is taken to be the "shop window" for the RSGB in general, then perhaps it's time to ask what it is they think they're offering us for our money.
For RadCom to be seriously considered as a technical publication again it will be necessary to leave editorial control with those who have real technical ability and not just scrape the barrel for anyone with prior magazine experience.
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