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Re: LF: Rad Com / critical mass etc

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Subject: Re: LF: Rad Com / critical mass etc
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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 19:10:07 EDT
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In a message dated 18/07/2008 19:56:24 GMT Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
That's because no one sends anything in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I said in a previous posting a few months ago to one of the many
groups (microwaves, probably)  - its positive feedback.  People see
reduced technical content, assume RC are taking the stand
deliberately, so don't bother writing it up.  Self perpetuating and
leading to instability, in this case probably a bistable stuck in the
'0' state.  Your comments, Dave, are exactly what I was speculating
on.    Did you ever phone the editor and discuss their requirements,
and whether thay'd be interested?  I bet not.
Thanks Andy
In 2000, there was a Technical + publications sub-committee. They had mountains of material with a year or so backlog of items that they were interested in. A much larger pile that was not suitable.  I respect your opinions Andy as you are a regular and valued contributor, but Is your first line speculation or fact? Is it that bad?
Actually the prolific chap currently in RadCom is Eamon EI9GQ.  Items just scattered in his column are deserving of a seperate article in themselves. e.g. The 100 / 200W FET amplifier for 2m.
Can it be that a total absence of articles is the result of 8 years of time passing. We're all a bit older, but we're still here. Also there are affiliated groups with specific interests and magazines. Sprat for QRP, scatterpoint for the microwave group. Surely things can be selected from these for wider publication.  It doesn't ring true. There are many sources that can be trawlled for material...but that needs work, whereas cut and paste fills the pages.
Oh well todays newspaper is tomorrows fish and chip wrapper. (sorry DX. quaint old English practice) Saves filling up shelf space.
But, I'll give them a call and quote your first line to the editor.
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