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Re: LF: Rugby Loran to cease

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Subject: Re: LF: Rugby Loran to cease
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Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 17:17:09 +0100 (BST)
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Thanks for the info Alan.

It's very loud here on 136 I suppose I have less to complain 
about compared to Dave. When the narrow filters are in its 
not really noticable.  Its such a an awfull spreading signal 
just imagine what Ofcom would do to us if we created a 
similar racket. (not much of a chance that with 1W ERP or 
0.1W ERP available).

Ok on the RX potential a useful tip.

My current fight is with HD LCD TVs made in Turkey and Korean 
DVDs flattening 500kc/s if any one has called me recently and 
I've not come back it's because of the very high S9 racket 
from these devices. I am working on a compromise with the 
owner, my grown up son. 

Well hope to hear you on 502kc/s in the near future .... 73 

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