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LF: RE: 505 khz

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Subject: LF: RE: 505 khz
From: "Gary - G4WGT" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 11:45:55 +0100
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Hi Mal & LF,

After watching 505khz 2 nights ago on the wrong spot frequency I captured a
signal which at first appeared like qrss (possibly due to fading) but then
became a continuous signal for most of the night. So I deliberately looked
again at the frequency last night & it was there again. It shows between
2300z & 0000z & fades out between 0300z & 0400z. The frequency is very close
to 505.004khz.

Is there anything around this frequency or could I be seeing something local
to me, the signal is very stable with no noticable drift even at qrss60.


Gary - G4WGT.

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Subject: LF: 505 khz

Hi All
There was someone keying on 505 khz early this morning about 0139z - 0200z
when I checked.
The signal seemed to have two different qrs speeds that I did not determine,
looked like qrs 90 then maybe 60. This signal was also audible.
Maybe someone testing.

73 de Mal/G3KEV

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