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LF: 136 kHz allocation for Greece

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Subject: LF: 136 kHz allocation for Greece
From: Costas Krallis SV1XV <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 03:46:24 +0300
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Hi everybody,

Last week the Greek Ministry of Transport and Communications
and the Ministry of Defence published the new frequency allocation
tables for Greece. There are some good news for amateur radio:

* Reference of ham use in the zone 130-148.5 kHz
* Allocation of the full band 3500-3800 kHz
* Allocation of the 23 cm band
* Possible allocation of 70.20 - 70.25 MHz to amateur
  radio and experimental stations after approval by
  the military.

And some bad news:

* Still problems with the microwave bands - the Ministry
  requires specific licenses for use of the bands above
  2.4 GHz
* The 160 m allocation remains 1810-1850 kHz

The situation about 7100-7200 kHz until 2009 is not clear,
it seems it is available to hams on a non-interference with 
BC basis.

So we should expect some 136 kHz activity from Greece
in the future.

Costas SV1Xv

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