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LF: AF shifter / pitch control

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Subject: LF: AF shifter / pitch control
From: Thomas Kölpin <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 11:24:20 +0200
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Dear Alberto,

would it be possible to add such a feature, for instance, to your fine
SPECTRAN software?

Background: With my Wandel & Goltermann selective level meter SPM 30 there is a demodulator output with 2 kHz pitch frequency. In can be
processed with SPECTRAN in the usual QRSS modes but it is not favourable
in the use with normal CW. The human ear is quite sensitive at this
frequencies but not selective at all. If SPECTRAN would be able to
transfer this frequency for instance to 700 Hz the PC being already
there could be used as a nice pass through processing tool for normal CW (futhermore you could watch bats by ear if they are working below 22 kHz ;-) ).
Could be that such a feature is useful for some other OM too -
certainly only nice-to-have, but perhaps it´s not so difficult to
include it in a later version.

Thank you for all your outstanding software which makes low level
reception possible!

Vy 73
Tom, DK1IS

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