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LF: Re: Re: Found earth rod source

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: Found earth rod source
From: "captbrian" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 19:02:52 +0100
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Is it undisputed that 3 mtrs 20 mm cu straight down into your flinty stuff
is significantly better than same buried horizontally under the lawn ? [says
he,  about to relay a lawn and looking at a coil of cu toob.....]

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From: Alan Melia <[email protected]>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 4:56 PM
Subject: LF: Re: Found earth rod source

I suppose these might be easier to drive into some soils but I bought a 3m
length of 20mm copper water pipe from Focus (DIY) for about a fiver last
year...that is a lot more contact area with the soil....but it may be more
difficult to get into the ground if you have layers of flints like I have.
I post augered a hole about 3 foot deep and then created a "guide" hole by
belting in a length of steel conduit. When the pipe was in, the hole was
filled with water to wash the soil ( er sand !!) back around it. I have
tried to measure yet though.

Cheers de Alan G3NYK

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From: "Mike Dennison" <[email protected]>
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Sent: 27 July 2004 16:13
Subject: LF: Found earth rod source

I asked a few weeks ago if anyone knew of a source of
earthing rods in the UK.

I have now found a source - an electrical supplier with a
web shop who will deliver. TLC is at
Screw ended 4ft copper rods are about £10 with double
ended connectors at £2.60 (both plus VAT). They are a
trade wholesaler but they appear to sell to anyone over the
web. There did not appear to be a minimum order.

Mike, G3XDV

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