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LF: Test by Robert, VK7ZL

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Subject: LF: Test by Robert, VK7ZL
From: Stan Andrews <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 22:37:57 +1200
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Hello  All,

            On Sunday night / Monday morning   .....

   18 th JULY     to   19th JULY   2004,

ROBERT, VK7ZAL, will be running his L.F. TX
  on    a frequency   0f    181 . 4   kc/s    CW  ...

Tmes at Hobart Tasmania will be
  6  P.M.     to  6 A.M.

       This  translates to    8 pm   to   8  am   NZ  Standard time

  or     0800   UTC     (  Sunday  morning )    to  2000   UTC,

                                ( Sunday  evening. )

     He will be running  his main tx   with   500  watts  out put

  to a vertical in his garden area.

     " IF  "   anyone   manages to get a signal report,

please advise    Richard,    <[email protected]>

or  myself,  (  ZL4MB )     as Robert has no  e-mail facilities.

Richard , in North Hobart is able to phone Robert.
Regards to All,

Stan   ZL4MB
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