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Subject: RE: LF: VE3ZJ
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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 18:46:17 -0600
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Go to the site and look up my experimental license and you shall see
that I specified CW & SSB on my license. Some guys like beacons and some
like CW and other modes of two-way communication. I like both.

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>Worked VE3ZJ last nite but this time on 7 mhz CW in the BERU contest.
>He was a big signal. It looks like most of the LF ops have moved HF. I
>have worked quite a number of ex LF ops this past year on HF. This is
>where I spend most of my time these days and having a lot of fun just
>like the old days.
>I am waiting for a 100 countries to start up on 136khz so that I can
>chase DXCC on LF, until then its HF and satellite dxing.

Oh dear.

136kHz, like 73kHz and the microwave bands is primarily about
experimentation. This is the spirit of the band, if someone comes on the
band looking for another single band DXCC certificate or whatever then I
am saddened, this is not what its about. LF belongs to experimenters who
run tests and make a note of conditions and try to learn. If you and
your friends feel that this is boring then perhaps its not the band for

Amateur radio is (or should be) about experimentation and self-training
which seldom comes out of DXCC certificates and rag-chewing. 136kHz is
one of the few bands that encourages amateur radio as it should be.

>73 de Mal/G3KEV

Jonathan  G4KLX/HB9DRD

Your research is lacking because I am probably one of the few that has
built all my own LF equipment and antenna system. I also work NORMAL CW 99%
of the time and have worked more countries than anyone else on this mode.
This is true experimentation and not APPLIANCE operationg like some who only
QSO via internet or use the BEACON mode computer generated. You do not need
be in the shack for this type of operation!!!!!!!!!!
So what is wrong with chasing DX having built everything to achieve the
object. You ought to be congratulating me instead of ridicule.
Maybe you should think next time before engaging fingers and understand the
difference between experimental LF radio operating and LF appliance

de G3KEV

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