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Subject: Re: LF: VE3ZJ
From: jannsen <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 19:01:58 +0100
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Jonathan Naylor schrieb:
Oh dear.

136kHz, like 73kHz and the microwave bands is primarily about experimentation. This is the spirit of the band, if someone comes on the band looking for another single band DXCC certificate or whatever then I am saddened, this is not what its about. LF belongs to experimenters who run tests and make a note of conditions and try to learn. If you and your friends feel that this is boring then perhaps its not the band for you.
Amateur radio is (or should be) about experimentation and self-training
which seldom comes out of DXCC certificates and rag-chewing. 136kHz is
one of the few bands that encourages amateur radio as it should be.
Jonathan  G4KLX/HB9DRD

I take the above words giving reasons for disfiguring the yard with poles.


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