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LF: Re: WD2XDW Alaskan 135/137Khz beacon

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Subject: LF: Re: WD2XDW Alaskan 135/137Khz beacon
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 21:46:06 +0100
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Hi Laurence , at the risk of getting it all wrong...... I would stick to the
137.77 area. This will ease watching for yourself and Joe simultaneously. My
thoughts are that this is far enough away from the centre of Euro QRSS at
137.7 to not give any problem. A CW filter skirt dropped into this region
should stop a local signal pumping the soundcard. Euro QRSS rarely moves
above 137.73. Anyway the window for some weeks to come will be way after
midnight. The best bet for two-ways then is for Euro stations to transmit
around 135.92. Assuming that is clear with you....I think from memory it is
ok with Joe. Stations like Markus have difficulty receiving down there due
to the sidebands of SXV in southern Germany. At nearly a kHz away from
DCF39, it will only be a problem to those living close to Burg (100-200kms)
I think (Please shout if I am wrong).

Personally I prefer DFCW where possible it is easier with weak signals to
find. QRSS takes a little more measuring sometimes to mask the dot length an
decide where the spaces are. It is also a lot faster, but I am not sure how
easy it is to generate on the W&G.

The aerial sounds good. With that loading coil it looks like you have about
2.2nF of aerial capacity. This should go a long way to reducing ground loss.
The highest values I have heard quoted for an amateur aerial are around
100pF. It sounds as though a little "optional" corona at moose-nose altitude
could be useful.

Good Luck with the "hot tests" on the MRF PA.

Cheers de Alan G3NYK
[email protected]

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From: "flo flo" <[email protected]>
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Sent: 25 July 2003 20:50
Subject: LF: WD2XDW Alaskan 135/137Khz beacon

Anchorage 135/137Khz beacon WD2XDW

We will be possibly be testing this weekend but it may go out a week
dependant on work and the hoards of moose that have decided to camp by the
tower. And they arent moved easily.

I need some feedback on a frequency to use - my part 5 licence allows me :

135.895-135.9 kHZ FX 5H00A1A 2 W (ERP) 0.001 %
135.895-135.9 kHZ FX 5H00F1D 2 W (ERP) 0.001 %
135.92-135.925 kHZ FX 5H00A1A 2 W (ERP) 0.001 %
135.92-135.925 kHZ FX 5H00F1D 2 W (ERP) 0.001 %
137.77-137.775 kHZ FX 5H00A1A 2 W (ERP) 0.001 %
137.77-137.775 kHZ FX 5H00F1D 2 W (ERP) 0.001 %

The TX will be a G0MRF kit giving around 200W (Ill probably push it up
once Im happy) into a 7 wire top loaded 33 metre vertical and earth
fed with 100m of LDF450 with about 0.6mH load(ish)

Id like to stay close in frequency to our east coast VO/VE stations if
possible, but certainly dont want to get in the way of 2 ways. Your
thoughts? Where should I plonk the beacon?

I will be using a K1EL prom keyer at either dot 6 or dot 60 keying
then once at 15 wpm, then cycle. The beacon will be on when Im in
(and maybe more) and the freq source will be a [email protected] SLMS, giving me 1 Hz

I reserve the right to turn it off and listen when conditions are good!
WD2XDW is not licenced for two way communications. Status of the beacon
hopefully be on my web site

Cheers - have a good weekend.
laurence kl1x bp41 Anchorage.

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