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RE: LF: : EuropeAlaska G3AQC/KL1X

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Subject: RE: LF: : EuropeAlaska G3AQC/KL1X
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Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 11:08:24 -0600
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Hi Ed,
You will have to try to make your signal to Alaska now.


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To: Laurence J Howell
Subject: Re: LF: : EuropeAlaska G3AQC/KL1X

Hello LF Group!!

Saturday, February 15, 2003,  you wrote:

LJH> Laurie - Maidenhead is BP41XD WGS84 datum as 61 deg 09 mins 24.2 secs N
LJH> 150 deg 00 mins 17.4 secs West.
My prg generate BP51AD with 61d 09m 24s N   -150d 00m 17s W
Distance BP51AD - IO90NT = 7265km
but BP41XD - IO90NT = 7267km ;-)) the nearest small squares XD-AD

Congratulations Laurie^2!!!  (C)G3NYK

The Auroal zone is punched !!
Longh Path to West Cost from KN97LN on 160/80m is not so good now ;-((

What's KL1X RX setup??

73! Ed  RU6LA  [email protected]

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