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Re: LF: Argo-SpecLab

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Subject: Re: LF: Argo-SpecLab
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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 06:15:02 EDT
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Hello Uwe,

I think one of the differences between Argo and SpecLab is, that SpecLab makes no attempt at all to change the soundcard's mixer settings (you must do that manually) while Argo has a kind of setup routine which modifies the settings to achieve a reasonable input level (that means without overloading the analog input and without wasting too much of the ADC's resolution).

Secondly, Argo has a routine which sets various switches inside the soundcard automatically for the correct input terminal. So, if you connect your RX to the MIC input, Argo will detect this; if you connect it to the LINE input, it will detect it as well.
Spectrum Lab is not so smart (because of its lazy programmer and the ugly windows internals), it does not make any attempt to modify the soundcard's "record" settings.


Wolf  DL4YHF.

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