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LF: R: Loop Conductors and proximity effect Rdc Rac

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Subject: LF: R: Loop Conductors and proximity effect Rdc Rac
From: "cesare tagliabue" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 18:58:12 +0100
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Hello Paul

       Following the Mesny's expression for proximity effect we have:
D/d      q
1          3.5
1.5       2.48
2          2
3          1.5
4          1.28
5          1.19
6          1.12
7          1.07
8          1.03
=>9       1

Where D is the distance between centre of wires, d is the diameter of the
wire and q is a factor to be inserted in the following expression:

Reff / Rrf = 1 + (q - 1) * SQR (( p - 1 ) / p )

Where Rrf is the RF resistance of a single wire and p is = Rrf / Rdc
Reff is the effective resistance due to proximity effect and Rdc is the
d.c. resistance of the wire.

 Hope that will help you,  73  Cesare

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Data: domenica 17 marzo 2002 17.13
Oggetto: LF: Loop Conductors and proximity effect Rdc Rac

Hello Folks

After researching the construction of Litz wire (Thanks John Sexton, Bill A
and many others) and speaking to a few wire manufactures, I feel I
understand better the complex weaving that is needed to make Rac of this
wire close to the Rdc.

A loop using single turn of 100 pair telephone cable was in the planning

So now after opening up a few types of telephone, 100 pairs/#24 and 25
pairs/24 cat 5 wire,
none of these are designed with the same weaving as the litz wire. They are
designed for low crosstalk between conductors and
immunity to outside interference.

So here is the question....  The proximity effect!

Where can I acquire data about the distance needed between conductors to
avoid this effect?

For instance..  I have lots of Belden 9555 which is dual RG59 LAN cable.
From a 1000' roll
I could acquire 10 200' runs that could be spaced at some distance and put
in parallel.

This would bring the Rdc of the loop down to .052 Ohm's.  I need to get an
idea if the spacing of these 10 conductors
would need to be 1", 5" 10" or more to disregard the proximity effect and
have a very low Rac.

anyone have any thoughts


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