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LF: PSK31 Tests

To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: PSK31 Tests
From: "John Sexton" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 02:15:48 -0800 (PST)
Reply-to: [email protected]
Sender: <[email protected]>
Hi Jim, Geri, Wolfgang,

Copied your PSK31 QSO last night from 20.20 till 21.00. I had left the Rx on 
137.5 but missed the first part because sigs were 8Hz later.

Jim was solid copy of course, but still the occasional error. I was fascinated 
to see how Jim occasionally sent backspace a few times to correct an error and 
how this was acted upon by the Rx software. Shame one can't use that to 
actually correct transmission errors, hi!

Both Wolfgang and Geri were good copy at times but at times just random 
characters. It seems to me this is  just the typical failure of another machine 
recognition method. The software simply gets out of sync in the presence of 
QRM. We can see when it is in sync because of our knowledge of words and the 
context of the QSO, but the software doesn't have this ability. When it does 
get that smart - look out!

I append below the uncorrected output to give a flavour of reception. If you 
are not interested delete this email now.

73, John, G4CNN

Andy running 170W linear at moment. OK eae> ethe coherent signalling - will be interested to see what happens when u get it all goinge e o o ue I think that is probably ve?eo|e s
p for  long DX working on LF, or something similar, just problem of getting 
enough stations ready with all the gear. So will sa 73 to Andy if u are off, 
and put back to Wolfeagn - DF0WD es Group de M0BMU kn

 nf t:e0BMUa4JNThnd DK8KWOopefully back again.
G3d eveningfo Andy, best regds from hereu
OI rbou t hereJ, u rtunaI  IesI\q i e foR:  when the testkTent - no k ae etc.
Thanks foat he info on Andys setup, he is :unning about dou e the power than gyself, only teee antennaw bic ee he" ( 0m"etween 6 ?at8 m=ers oÚ cluby a ion ust ovea e
2noao s otfuvo ?  Jiu n oi ta.ig  Oe activity !
Hope Geri Ts back spli me pass irno h DK8KWn M0BMU es G4JNT de DF0WD/D.¦AHF k
ueeB. annd G4J  neand gF s , tðs is DK8KW D e;W   e ran `em2eToneoneaeo     fi p e e 
odaÚninm tpo w  Y. Bope that ]ceeneç pSe uo
oeo GO mtttq }Icqf dob wirdye ra feeo%amsr 1, pes ye R{? e : eeIal BII -d ?s B im C5 stection f` a while . Ji eI coeuldo e ly copy boee in your last ove I do e x peeÞ% ;e y Çe t outoeenSne '59 h6 Moole put then it went back to e339 or so . I can nG copypdy a here ti enb·e+ }tG
m e Xeo  oee ¬ Idos l  to make  sure that  ee ngm copied ok.

E eo Geri - I can see your sig on spectrogremam, but quite weaq and only a few words decoding at moment - u wee toenNronger earlier on, so maybe just some QSB? so pse can you QSP Wolf BK}Be r e e ,eIoj
tha you for QSP, Wolf,tI really have problems here at the ment. I was only abre b get aKà wo.t lJrom

pa gat/n?-e are j aoD00R+apart efo tSv´ -e: o  d?pu  tn   aer=oi teant eb.. I 
ténk that Alane tonce desribed this phenomenon.

lßee e t  ort, to make it easie or you, eWol
m to:e} Lsm;. I amaus Tt  o 1  Oi¸p|M ne e s i ton,o d   eh  >  gBo  uA getv aeate l 
t¨T  bea  !
noe p d ewirh C W audeo -ro zehScofe 1.4*nelt e33eh%nRng a O . y e plhn Pedq d étereI a e t tu d Ò thekG0eeepeMee sinear
e gath about 250 Watts out. Antenna is 2
usual ·8f hiyh xmbrella 2 (nee o Qeuts t^ sogf thos evenygtti QSP from Geri .t .. o F E znM/ =oh! u.Î lemT%?atf go nrToi5espnFy a eeotou a fe7TordsJrÈ I-mzgeoseem a_ein to havef} e.ationsf a ve eg sesec ave a . or i Ör ecKÓ!io atio we a ee un [email protected]ØØ g h o-Cen e tKd) oT iin das Alan onl icrob ta e . ' wi k eiit 9_a to]iPÛc-ae Ê or&åVWo m k e e åitWIt? using the -1ÙØ1 atagenmk SSoo E½arter,hn
DK8KW, Df0WD es G4JNT de M0BMU - not sure if Andy still e-> l eQRV - will listen for you and QSP if you are still there Andy ?BK o ,oÆn e

OK, think Andy now QRT to ee   nN on with other buisiness, HI. Well thanks to 
Wolf for QSPing Geri 3 esigs to me, I can see Geri on spectrogram trace, but 
still quite weak - might come up again, or tu e o ybe condx were better earlier 
in evtoning when I had good copy of both ur sigs. Hope your fingers warm up 
soon, Wolf!! here it gets too hot in shack with TX es PSU going, have to keep 
window open
to eL at a bit of air in - problem other way round fIe me! Well, it has certainly been nice for me to th tout a different mode on LF although I think all other stns tonight have ued PSK31 before on LF... But ier s egood to have some variety. So I will put it back to the DL side - perhaps we can see if Geriee ?pBas come up a bit? DK8KW es DF0WD de M0BMU eÒpbe}e
M0BMU and the group this is DK8kkR 0  W t, Je e0  'F rul
to co  a bit more this over ... thank you very much for the QSO and I hope that 
we will have someobeetter conditions betweenoPeineom r  Yb i he nfcture.
olnytthank you for QSP an
hope to see you agai t..eo 73 73 73 73 to all , also our listeners, I know for exÿple that Fabian, DJb r P 8mlnho
l  avaethe b st, booed night and see you  ain!!

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