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Re: LF: Re: just a test from South America

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: just a test from South America
From: "PY3CRX PY2PLL" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 01:11:13 -0200
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Hi Rafael ...

My antennas are 2m loop and Marconi
T with base load and variometer for use with TX.
So please, try to catch two signals, the same modulation scheme (seems SITOR
at a slower baudrate) at 133.3 and 146.5KHz ... This are the FSK center
frequencies. Please, verify them with your loop if possible. I´ll do the
same here untill next sunday. May be we can locate them. Another friend from
Sta Maria told me he can pick those signals at night.

For TX I thing build a 4 x
IRF540 FETS G3YXM style (if I get the special authorization from
It´s a good solution ... I have some IRFs here (630 I guess) ... and a
surplus "C" core switched power supply transformer that used to run on 80KHz
(5V @ 100A). The secondary is just a copper strip, isolated but wound over
itself, 5 turns. It´s a vy low Z source. I need to do some tests to see If I
can get a clean waveform, tunning the primary, I don´t know. May be this low
Z makes short antennas feeding simpler, who knows?

ANATEL is another issue. The actual amateur service regulations says that
"we only need to INFORM the telecom authority that we´ll use
frequencies/modes not assigned for amateur, attaching one project sumary".
We don´t need to ask for ... just let them know. But, you know, this crazy
govt people ... they always read what they want ...

Active from "DC" to 24GHz

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