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LF: The Word

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Subject: LF: The Word
From: "Walter Blanchard" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 16:59:44 +0100
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The Great Lord of the North hath spaken,
The All-hearing; the All-seeing;
The All-knowing;
He hath appeared in his golden chariot Mercedes,
In thunderous tones hath he said;
"Ye infidels of the South,
Ye who worship false gods,
Ye who abandon the True Faith for harlots;
The sinful QRSS and Spectrensis Analysum;
Ye are found wanting in my eyes
In the soft south there is no courage,
Ye are not hard men happy to spend your substance
On Antenna Farms and Powerful Amplifiers
So The Word may be made plain
to the uttermost ends of the Oceans,
the Continents and even unto the Antipodes.
It is not good enough
Only Evil will come of it.
Therefore I command you,
Sell up your Computers, your Programs and your Homes,
Come to the spacious North,
Invest in old Airfields,
In mighty Coils of Wire and Tall Towers,
Reaching even unto the clouds,
And lay on three-phase electricity to supply abundant Power,
Then with Mighty Swipings on the Key,
Shall ye call CQ,
And answer there will come in plenty,
And ye shall be famous throughout the World,
And many Golden Plaques and Achievement Certificates shall be yours.
Such Knowledge shall ye gain,
No longer need ye buy Expensive Books;
Or waste your time at  Boring so-called "Conventions"
Only laid on to trick ye into drunkenness and lewd behaviour.
But beware of Heretics,
Who whisper in Corners,
Saying "No longer is this Amateur;
no longer is this Experimentation; it is only Brute Force",
For these too are False Gods,
The curious who "Experiment" and "Fiddle About",
With QRP and little bits of wire
Shall meet their Just Deserts;
They shall not be heard in the Halls beyond the Oceans,
Nor yet by the Kiwi Bird,
And they shall pass away,
And have to buy wallpaper to cover their empty walls."
Thus spake the Great Lord.
The All-hearing; the All-seeing;
The All-knowing.

Walter G3JKV.

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