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Re: LF: e-QSL

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Subject: Re: LF: e-QSL
From: "Steve Rawlings" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 08:02:16 +0100
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Mike G3XDV wrote:
> Comments: Congratulations Steve on an excellent 5 watt QRP signal and
> your first LF/QRP QSO!

Nice one, Steve. It is just this sort of initiative that will encourage a little more on-air activity.
Thanks for that, Mike.  Yes, I think that newcomers could learn a
lot about building an LF station by starting off with QRP.
To help newcomers make such a start, I'll get the circuit diagram
of my QRP TX up on my web site at the weekend, and try to
maintain a small stock of the main parts - especially the 3C85
Of course, newcomers would need a local 'Elmer' to help them get
started; to provide signal reports; and, perhaps, be a QSO
partner for their first QSO.  So I propose to add another page to
my web site giving the contact details of those who would be
willing to act as Elmers.  Those who would like to be added to
that list would be welcome to Email me (direct) with their
contact information.

Regards to all,
Steve GW4ALG
[email protected]

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