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LF: Re. 73kHz beacon/ant.problems

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Subject: LF: Re. 73kHz beacon/ant.problems
From: "Laurie Mayhead" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 12:15:10 +0100
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Hi Tom and Jim,
I can contribute to this discussion. I terminate all wires at least 2M from any leaves etc and notice no change when they are wet or dry,also no difference when the trees came into leaf. So hopefully this is a "safe" distance. However FS measurments at 3.3 Km indicate that only half the power fed to the ant. (current squared times calculated R res)  is radiated!  I dont think any greater spacing would help much,because the entire Ant system is enclosed by trees on all sides, a sort of Faraday shield Hi. I dont suppose my XYL, the local authority or anyone else would approve if I cut down all the trees, and if I did what would I hang all my Ants. on. 73s Laurie.
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