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LF: TECH: New beta release of Spectrum Lab (V1.65)

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Subject: LF: TECH: New beta release of Spectrum Lab (V1.65)
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 17:35:52 EDT
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Hello Brian, Markus, and the group,

I have just uploaded the first beta release of Spectrum Lab V1.65 .

There are some new functions in it, most interesting may be:
- dynamic range up to 150dB (with FFT and decimation gain)
- adjustable range for the display (no longer fixed to 0...+90dB)
- improved averaging for the waterfall if used for long-term observation
 (with very slow scrolling waterfall)
- very flexible export function (noise, average, peaks in frequency 'ranges',
 text files can be read with Excel etc for post processing, plots etc)
- Sample Rate 5512 Hz now supported, saves a lot of disk space
  when recording into a wave file without decimation.

The new BETA can be downloaded directly from:
or from

Hope this is useful for some of you.

Thanks to CT1DRP and DF6NM for their suggestions.
Not all discussed functions are implemented yet, but the QRN on LF seems to
give me more time now to push the program forward ...

 Bug reports and constructive criticism very welcome.

73's from Wolf, DL4YHF.

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