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LF: Re: Beacons, contests?

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Subject: LF: Re: Beacons, contests?
From: "Dave Sergeant" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 13:21:57 +0100
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From Dave G3YMC
Just a few more comments!

Although activity is low during the day there is rather more than you imagine.  
monitor the band every day all day, and there are a number of stations - G8RW, 
G3OLB, G6NB, G8IK and others - who are frequently active and in QSO.  When I 
time between my repairs I am sometimes on as well.  However there is nothing 
like the
amount of activity there was a year ago, when G3KEV, G3GRO, G3KAU etc were very
active - and G3AQC!  At this location there is often more activity in the day 
during the so called active times of Saturday and Sunday am.  What I do miss is
activity in the early mornings - 0600-0700 - which is a time I can normally be 

I have a normal (Yaesu) 350Hz CW filter, typical of what a keen hf cw operator 
have.  Not having the steeper slopes of the latest rigs I find it sometimes 
hard to
find a clear spot in busy times (when they do occur that is!), and being one of 
weaker signals find calling CQ at those times rather pointless - I have to 
myself in working the big stations.  Particularly in the winter months when CFH 
booming in on 137 and there is slow cw beaconing just below 136 there is not 
band left!

The amateur who has a quick listen on a bit of string and a deaf receiver will 
hear a few stations, but if we are to develop their interest we need to whet 
appetites.  Slow cw beacons and Wolf mean nothing to them, they need to hear 
cw, and realise that these stations are working stuff they cannot hear to get 
them to
delve deeper.  Activity periods certainly will do that, but I cannot see a 
style contest will work in our narrow band.  Perhaps we ought to try it to 
prove me

73s Dave G3YMC
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[email protected]

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