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LF: RE: Re: Beacons, contests?

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Subject: LF: RE: Re: Beacons, contests?
From: "Talbot Andrew" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 15:19:51 +0100
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As the one who originally suggested the contest idea at Wimborne suppose I
ought to say something....

On the microwave bands, we have eaxctly the same problem of lack of activity
and complaints from newcomers that there is no one to work.    One the
higher microwave bands, particularly the most popular one, 10GHz, there have
been a series of cumulative contests, one Sunday per month for the 6 warm
months of the year.   Later we even had a series of home winter cumulatives
to make up one day in each of the 12 months.  When 24 and 47GHz became
popular another 4 activity days were introduced for these.
These activity days or cumulative contests, however users want to treat
them, are the most popular events on the bands and occasionally have been
known to get out most of the operators who have equipment - which on 10GHz
was getting on for 100 stations a few years ago.   The contest element is
rarely taken seriously.   For the big contesters there are other events to
keep them happy - such as the 10GHz Trophy and the two May & October 432MHz
to 248GHz contests.

Interestingly, these larger true contests do not attract nearly the same
amount of interest or operators as the cumulatives / activity days do - the
really big guns come out, win, and go quiet again.  The little stations
don't usually bother for this, especially setting up for a full-blown 24
hour event.

What I really meant for LF was something along the lines of a similar sort
of cumulative contest, or activity day.

Andy  G4JNT

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