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Re: LF: Mini log

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Subject: Re: LF: Mini log
From: "M & S" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 19:29:08 +0100
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Hi Marc,

So, I see you're really on the air now. Congratulations!

On my side, I've been quite rare on the air, even on HF and VHF+, since
I'm changing job.

The LF station is still alive, however, at least on the RX side. The
transmitting dipole is partially on the ground and my amplifier is still
at the construction point.

Hope to be around on the soon. Listening is great.

73, Mark, F6JSZ

f5maf a *crit :

Hi all,
After several months, I was received in England and in Italia.
I just received a message from Cesare  I5TGC with a report : M and T
(for this morning).
I would like to thank all OMs who helped me.

This my "mini log" :

G3XDV  his report : O  my report : O
M0BMU                    M                     O
IK5ZPV                     M                     O

Now I'm also QRV in 71 KHz reception.


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