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LF: changing opinions

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Subject: LF: changing opinions
From: "Rik Strobbe" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 11:52:07
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I copied this from 2 recent messages sent to the reflector by the same OM.
Seems that some peoples opinions regarding commercial antennas can change

73, Rik  ON7YD

date    : 5 april 2000
subject : Re: LF: Decca Masts
Good luck to those involved, it is an oppertunity in a life time to work
from a
COMMERCIAL SITE, in spite of the recent critizism to the contrary about following the COMMERCIAL approach and using large towers!!!!!!!!!!!
date    : 12 april 2000
subject : Re: LF: Re: TransAtlantic II, test notice - announcement
How can anyone claim any credit/achievement  using a commercial antenna
and data systems that need chip rate detectors controlled by computers.
This is
getting away from what is considered the norm in amateur radio.

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