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Re: LF: TransAtlantic II, test notice - announcement

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Subject: Re: LF: TransAtlantic II, test notice - announcement
From: "Mike Dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 17:49:31 +0100
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An LF beacon in eastern Ontario will be on the
air shortly, a LowFer beacon is on the air in Southern Ontario as well.

Larry (and Andre as well),

In order for DX beacons to be REALLY useful, ie identifiable on Spectrogram etc, they should ideally transmit continuously with regular hand-speed callsigns for the audio boys, but also have extremely slow CW imposed on it in very narrow FSK for weak signal work. Something like 2 or 3Hz shift would be very visible on a DSP program but inaudible to the listener. It may be that we could have seen the USA beacons by now but it would have been impossible to have made a positive identification in any case. More work for you!!
Well done on the test licence.

Mike, G3XDV (IO91VT)

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