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LF: Re: Experimentation etc

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Subject: LF: Re: Experimentation etc
From: "Peter Bowyer" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 20:37:26 +0100
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Changed the subject line - nothing at all to do with Transatlantic II ...

G3KEV wrote :

I am glad Peter that you have joined the debate and I know that you have
to be
impartial at all times.
Well.. not really, I'm allowed to have opinions. They don't count any more
or any less that anyone else's, though, and I wouldn't have it any other
way. I don't exercise any control over the content of any of the reflectors
we run, except occasionally for technical reasons.

I owned and was the Sysop of GB7KEV  a NTS bbs on the East Coast for 8
The volume of traffic at its peak was in excess of 1200 messages each
week, a
little more than appears on this medium, so I do know the position.
Not sure why that's relevant, but OK.

I give all credit to those that are trying to cross frontiers but why
single out
one particular person.
I mentioned G4JNT because he is the most prolific poster here on the
advanced DSP and coherent integration techniques, and to my knowledge (which
may be less than complete) the most advanced experimentor, too. I could
probably have gone on to list everyone else who posts here, and all the
people who don't, but I'm not sure it would have helped my point.

For instance you forgot to mention MM0ALM who has the most potent signal
eminating from the UK. He has constructed everything in his shack except
his RX and engineered his antenna farm which includes a number of tower in
excess of 130 feet. That is real amateur involvement and dedication, and
he is
not associated in any way with the electronics industry, and does not have
University, Government agencies, or Commercial R and D support.
Good for him - that's 100% more than I could ever achieve. More power to his
elbow. But what I do is still amateur radio, it's just a different branch of
the hobby. (I do contest operating mostly, BTW).

By their own admission some of the radio amateur contributers to the
and participants on LF are using Professional facilities and sophisticated
equipment borrowed from their employers to achieve the object.
And if that 'borrowing' is helping those people and other amateurs with
their understanding of the bands and modes concerned, why should that pose a
problem? This is new stuff, involving new techniques.

I cannot comment about the person above that you mentioned because I have
heard any signals from him so far on LF, perhaps he is working

Nor have I. Not surprising, since I haven't heard any other signals on LF
either. But I have read Andy's postings here (and elsewhere on similar
topics but implemented on vastly different bands and modes) with great
interest and am very keen to read more about their success and development.
And those of all the other experimentors here, too.

I can only state my own position by saying that as far as I know, I am the
one to work and have confirmed 19 countries on 136 khz two way plus 2
xband to
Spain and Channel Is. with my signal on 136 khz. I have swl reports from 4
countries excluding the above.
Good - congratulations, that's an excellent achievement. You obviously take
great pride in what you do, and earn the respect of your peers as a result.
Shouldn't others have the same chance to achieve against their own agenda in
the same way you have against yours? That way the envelope will be pushed in
many directions, making the whole arena richer for all.

We need proof of achievements and not speculation.
We 'need' experimentation, which comes in all shapes and sizes. That's what
keeps our hobby interesting. I don't do much of it myself, but get great
pleasure from being a privileged observer.

Peter G4MJS

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