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LF: receiving loop design

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Subject: LF: receiving loop design
From: "Soegiono, Gamal" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 15:50:04 +0100
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Hello Bernd Grupe, hello All

DF8ZR> Soegiono Gamal has built a loop recently. DF8ZR> Got a description and made a little DF8ZR> illustration. I put it on my website:
DF8ZR> at index 3.2.4

Well - the design of this loop is not based on my own...
...I should have pointed out this fact to Bernd a bit clearer.

I just implemented and tested what Bryce Ofstie, ki0LE
[[email protected]] has posted on his web-page
There you will find comprehensive building instructions
and a lot of pictures which illustrate it's design features.

DF8ZR> High Q and low stray-capacitance of his construction DF8ZR> permits a definitely outstanding performance, DF8ZR> so Gamal pointed out.
It was Bryce Ofstie's idea to remember a design feature which
dates back to the 1920s - the winding scheeme, which may be
characterized as "spider web weaved" or "basket weaved"
loop windings.

The performance - low residual capacity AND low proximity
effect - is inherent in this kind of loop winding scheeme.

My implementation thereof gives indeed satisfactory results
which can be viewed on Bernd Grupe's web page.

73 de Gamal

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