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Subject: LF: GD
From: "Dave" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 18:47:52 -0000
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Dear all.

We're back safely, but totally exhausted due to a very exciting weekend and
a 3am (later for the London contingent) arrival home last night.
The locator, from David's marvellous GPS rx was IO74TJ and the QTH was Point
of Ayre at the Northern tip of the Isle of Man. I will put some of the story
and pictures on the website soon.
The most amazing thing about it was the conditions we seemed to be
experiencing from the seaside location. I know you all report good tx
signals with our kite antenna and the "QRP" 100w from the rig in the car,
but the receive signals were equally amazing. OH1TN blasting in like a
local, followed by the two SMs, DK8KW at 579! When John G4GVC gave us 10dB
over 9 on Sunday afternoon, I  took the attenuators out of the receiver so
that it was on the gain I use at home, and he was 10dB over 9 too! Truly
reciprocal as we both use the same rx, a TS850. How can I have been
receiving John better from the Isle of Man than at home in Birmingham, 50km
away from him??
The answer lies in the sea I think....

Thanks to all those who came on especially to work us and apologies to those
we missed, I think we had about 60 QSOs and worked about 11 countries
between us. Several stations went for the "worked all GD award" and called
all three of us, so I'm not sure what the final number of different stations

I hope Graham and David have woken up by now!

Great fun. Where to next?

73, Dave G3YXM.

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