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LF: AW: Fs measurements

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Subject: LF: AW: Fs measurements
From: "Soegiono, Gamal" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 13:50:16 +0100
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Dear Vaino,

saw your interesting daytime FS figures in the reflector.

VL> Fs in dB(uV/m), Det: AVE (except for Alphas)
VL> RX: R&S ESH2 (Bw=200 Hz) VL> Ant: Active loop VL> VL> 128.9 DCF49 40
VL> 138.8  DCF39              25   (weak!)

Why is the Mainflingen Transmitter DCF49 received
15 dB more strongly than the Burg Transmitter DCF39?

Mainflingen should be about 350 km farer from your QTH
as compared with Mainflingen.

Are these FS values spot measurements, or do they
constitute averages over a period of time?

In case of spot measurements - this may explain for
the differences.

Another possibility is, that EFR temporarily uses
lower power for DCF39 for some reason. According to their statement the nominal transmitter power for both stations is 50 kW.
Best 73 de Gamal

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